Improved drug delivery combined with simple daily use

Respimat - Inhaler

Respimat® Soft Mist™ Inhaler combines groundbreaking design and delivery with simplicity of operation. It is a major step foward in inhalation therapy and the first new generation inhaler for decades. The propellant-free Respimat® delivers a metered dose of medication as a Soft Mist™ through the unique nozzle system, the so-called uniblock.

The inhaler is easy to use and improves drug delivery to the lungs 2.
Patients follow 3 major steps, which can be summarised as 'Turn, Open, Press' (T.O.P) for the daily use. No forceful inspiration is required.
When the patient picks up the prescrived drug from the pharmacy he needs to assemble the inhaler once. After this the inhaler provides 30 doses . The inhaler das a dose indicator that indicates how many doses are left.

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Respimat® Insight – the new generation inhaler

Respimat - Respimat® Insight

Interactive User Guide

Respimat - Respimat® Insight

Learn how easy it is to assemble and dose with our step-by-step Interactive User Guide.