Patient taking a deep breath on th Respimat inhaler

Why a slow, deep breath makes the difference with Respimat disposable1,2

The RESPIMAT® inhaler creates a unique soft mist. You simply need to take a slow, deep breath1-4

RESPIMAT®: Easy inhalation3,5

  • A slow deep breath of 1.5 seconds is needed

    Just a slow deep breath3

    No forceful inhalation required

  • Daily use instructions. Step 3: press

    Easy coordination1,3

    You just need press the dose release button, while taking a a slow, deep breath through your mouth for as long as is comfortable

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  • First preparation3

    What to do when you receive a new RESPIMAT® inhalter

    First Preparation Step 3: Replace Clear Base
  • Daily use3

    Three main steps for using your RESPIMAT® inhalter

    Activation Step 1: Turn
  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

    Frequently Asked Questions