Step by step instructions on how to replace the cartridge of your Respimat inhaler

Cartridge replacement is straightforward. The dose indicator will let you know when you need to do this.1

Patient using Respimat inhaler

Cartridge Exchange

Reading the dose indicator1

  • Instructions: remaining doses

    The dose indicator shows the number of remaining doses.  

  • Instructions: cartridge with 10 puffs left

    Yellow means there are only 10 puffs left  and you will need a new cartridge soon. 

  • Instructions: cartridge needs replacing

    Red tells you when the cartridge is used up and needs replacing. 

Steps for cartridge replacement1

  • Removing Respimat inhaler cartridge

    1. Start by removing the clear base and cartridge

    • Turn the clear base to loosen it. Your inhaler is now in a locked position
    • Pull off the cartridge from the inhaler
  • respimat

    2. Insert new cartridge

    • Insert the narrow end of the new cartridge into the inhaler
    • Place the inhaler on a firm surface and push down firmly until it clicks into place
  • Track Respimat cartridges

    3. Track cartridge

    • Mark the check-box on the inhaler's label to track the number of cartridges
    • Put the clear base back into place until it snaps back automatically

Steps for activation

  • Activation instructions. Step 1: turn


    • Keep the cap closed
    • Turn the clear base in the direction of the arrows on the label until it clicks (half a turn)
  • Activation instructions. Step 2: open


    • Open the cap until it snaps fully open
  • How to inhaler with Respimat


    • Point the inhaler towards the ground
    • Press the dose release button
    • Close the cap Repeat the Turn – Open – Press  until a cloud is visible, then repeat 3 more times
    • Your inhaler is now ready to use and will deliver 60 puffs (30 doses)

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You can use up to 6 cartridges with your RESPIMAT® inhaler1

New cartridges are available in refill packs that contain up to three cartridges.

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